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Taekwondo is a Korean martial art.  It began in Korea’s Silla dynasty about 1300 years ago. At first the art was called Tae-kyon and involved the use of legs exclusively but it has evolved down through the centuries to what it is today, which is a highly effective and dynamic martial art.

People often ask what the difference is between Taekwondo and Karate. The simple answer is that Taekwondo is the Korean version of Karate and Karate is the Japanese version of Taekwondo. The differences are somewhat difficult to explain to someone who has no knowledge of martial arts, but one main difference is that Taekwondo is renowned as a kicking art, i.e.: the way we kick is different from Karate and the kick is often seen to be more “explosive”.

RHEE Taekwondo, was so named when it was brought to Australia in the late 1960’s by Master Chong Chul Rhee, an 8th Dan Korean World Master Instructor and ex Korean Marine Instructor who still grades students across Australia today. He appears in Devonport 4 times a year to conduct the quarterly grading tests. He ensures the standard is the same countrywide.

Taught by qualified instructors, regular practice of Rhee Taekwondo ensures benefits for a fulfilling way of life, these include: Fitness & good health, Effective self defence, honour & Loyalty, Self control, Self Discipline, Self knowledge, Self confidence, Perseverance, Integrity, Courtesy  & Indomitable spirit..

Rhee Taekwondo is the largest martial arts system in Australia today with over 700 centers in Australia and a handful in New Zealand and the tip of New Guinea. 25 training centers operate regularly in Tasmania and have done so for the past 25 years proving that we are here to stay and we are not a fly by night organization.

One of the main differences between Rhee Taekwondo and other types of Taekwondo that operate in Tasmania is that we do not wear protective guards and do not engage in tournament fighting as seen at the Olympics (Nobody is forced into the ring) We train in a no contact mode until sufficient experience is gained to train in “controlled contact” so there is no damage from accidental or poorly controlled blows.

Rhee Taekwondo places a very strong emphasis on self-defense and family involvement.

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